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Short Plays / Dramas

A Social Satire on Indian Rural Life

From Left clockwise
Yogesh Rao & Om Prakash

From Left clockwise
Tushar, Rishi, Amit & Om Prakash

Written by

Sunil Prem Vyas

Design & Direction

Sunil Prem Vyas

Exec. Producer

Mamta Bhatia


Rajesh Hublikar



Madari Tushar Ishwar
Jamura Om Prakash
Lakhmichand Amit Shrivastav
Ram Singh Rishi Sharma
Munimji Chetan Patil
Lalaji Yogesh Rao

Brief Summary

A psychological drama originally written in Marathi language by vetarian playwright Vijay Tendulkar.The story unfolds in a green room where two stage artists discuss and share their experiences of theatre life, while they share a good time, the male actor finds himself caged in the virtual emotions of the popular villain character, he portraits.
The consequences of which is thereby faced and tackled by his co-actress.
The emotions in the drama, successfully brings out the sentiments of the stage artists when overpowered by the character.

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