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  Shakespeare got it right :
    The world is a stage
and we all have our parts to play....
portraying the best portrait of ourselves
                       in this competitive world.

Learn the business etiquettes with a touch of emotions and add the human dimension to your business relations by controlling your senses at the right time.

                                        … the feel good factor
  A Darpan Theatre & Cine Arts Innovation
  Customized Programs On
  • Time Management

  • Personal effectiveness

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Public Speaking

  • Leadership

  • Achieving Excellence
  • Winning Positive Attitude

  • Problem Solving & Decision    Making

  • Assertive Communication

  • Influencing Skills

  • Business Grooming    and Etiquette
  • * Train The Trainer Program

    * Personality Development through Theatre Acting

    * Campus to Corporate / Employability Skills Certification Program

      Methodology : Handling emotions Through Theatre Acting Techniques
          Business growth through individual development using methods like …
    Improvisation, Sense Memory, Forum Theatre, Monologue, Music Therapy, Scripted Dual-Enactment, Artists’ Emotional Flow, Navras, Speech, Relaxation, Characterization & Stylization, Rang Bhaav
    Handling Emotions - The Stanislavski Way
    Voice Modulation & Body Language - The Brecht Way
    The Team
    We specialize in theatre-based learning solutions

    With our continuous efforts & a dedicated team we have been able to emerge as a trustworthy, socially aware & content oriented art group.