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Feature Films

Darpan Theatre & Cine Arts has been producing & staging various Play Productions since 1997.
DTCA has produced 3 films under its banner.

  • The Artist within
  • Galti Se Mistakke Ho Gayi
  • Gandhi Ki Zameen Par

    • The Artist within...........actor's psyche…

      2 Actors portray 22 characters in a... One Night Story

      Two stage actors happen to get locked inside the auditorium after their show. [more]

      Galti Se Mistakke Ho Gayi ........... A Feel Good Family Entertainer

      An Effort to recreat feel good cinema of 70s,
      .. Caters pure family entertainment with ..
      Simplycity in characters & yet...a unique story line

      A Comedy of Mistaken Identities... [more]

      Main Hoon Ik Baadal

      An emotional encounter of Love weaved in a marathon of emotions evolving human’s Good, Bad & Ugly.

      Written by
      Sunil Prem Vyas

      Short/Festival Films

      Wapsi...the return

      - A Film Provoking the Universal thought
      that Humanity remains the supreme religion.

      Produced by : Vi-Fi Productions
      Cinematography & Direction : Pankaj Prakash
      Written by : Sunil Prem Vyas
      Cast : Sunil Prem Vyas, Manju Sinha,
      Nigam, Vinod Goswami & others

        Manju Sinha & Sunil Vyas
      in Wapsi

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Documentaries on

  • Illiteracy - Saakshar Ho Bhavishya
  • G irl’s Suppression - Munni
  • Tobacco - Zehar
  • Drugs addiction - Nasha
  • Terrorism – Gumrah