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Film Making Workshop...

Explore and understand the art & technique of Film Making with Darpan Theatre & Cine Arts (DTCA), in its three months, production oriented creative workshop on Film Making.

The workshop is a professional program through which students make a short film and actively participate in all aspects of the filmmaking craft.

The workshop covers the basics of film making including Script Developing, Screenplay Writing, Direction, Cinematography, Film Lighting, Creative Editing & other technical aspects to explore your Cinematic creativity.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be provided with a professional Digital Cam to practically implement all the film making aspects by making a short film (5 to 15 mins duration) under the guidelines of the director.

Workshop Details
The interactive-creative workshop includes all the basic tools & disciplines of Film Making. The Workshop includes all practical sessions along with making of a Short Film Production indulging all the participants of the workshop thus giving them an opportunity to actually make their own Film.

Introduction to Film

Film History-I

Script Developing & Screen Writing-I


Story Boarding & Screen play writing

Understanding Camera

(The technical & creative aspects)

Camera Operations & Movements

Film lenses & filters etc.

Film Lighting
Mood lighting, colors, filters, 3 pt. lighting etc.

Film Formats & Cameras

Script Developing & Screen Writing-II

Blocking & Camera Movements

Understanding Acting-I

Shot Divisions & Shot Takings Techniques

(casting, audition techniques, working with actors)

Sound Designing,
Film Music & Background score

Creative Editing-I
(Latest software, film & video editing)

Creative Editing-II, Special effects & Director’s Cuts

Screen Acting-II,
Art direction, Make-up

(as captain of the creative & technical team)

Production Essentials (Pre/On Sets/Post)

Investors & Distributing

Summary of the workshop

  • The participant must be above 15 yrs.
  • Working knowledge of Hindi/English.
  • Passion to learn Film Making.
3 Months  
Rs.30000/-(+Reg. fee 100/-) = Total 30100/-
(Thirty Thousand One Hundred Only)
Andheri West, Mumbai, India.  

The participants will be provided with a professional Digital Cam to practically implement all the film making aspects, thus the workshop focuses on developing both the creative and technical skills essential to learn for the filmmaking process from script to screen.