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Comedy Dramas

"Galti Se Mistake Ho Gayi"
A farcical Comedy of Errors

From Left clockwise
Sunil Prem Vyas, Zafar Zahid, SPV, Gauri, Mamta Bhatia, SPV & Amit Gupta


Written by


Design & Direction

Sunil Prem Vyas

Exec. Producer

Mamta Bhatia


Abhishek & Rajesh


Yogesh Rao


Sachin Thandani

Tushar Ishwar/Vinod Agarwal
Geeta Thandani Bharati Kapur/Lata Likhitkar
Mirza Sunil Prem Vyas
Shobha Re Mamta Bhaitia
Lucky Ashutosh/Tushar
Hichkiwala Aadami Shyam/Zahid
Inspector Abhay Raj kashmiri/ Amit Gupta
Old man Chetan/Kishor/Deepak
Old Woman Vibha Mittal/Shashi Verma
Bachha Vijay
Waiter-1 Rishi/Saurabh/Afsheen
Waiter-2 Chetan/Vivek/Jyoti Nair

Brief Summary

Dr. Geeta Thandani (a Psychiatrist) and her husband, Sachin stays in a guesthouse for some days seeking some psycho patients. Due to some misunderstanding & certain adequate reasons, same place is allotted to Nawab Salim Aktar Mirza by mistake. Both, the couple and Mirza (who is the owner of a lamp making company) share the same room without knowing each other’s presence.

Mirza has to confront all the psycho patients, those who come to see Dr. Thandani, which creates misunderstanding & confusion creating all fun & laughter.
The play with loads of laughter & full of entertainment solely aims at some relaxation moments, which are really essential in today’s fast, busy and tense life.

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