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!!! Hum Nahin Sudhreinge !!!
A Non-Stop Hit & Hilarious Family Comedy

From left clock wise
Jyoti Nair, Sunil Prem Vyas, Geeta Bhatia, Tushar Ishwar & Mamta Bhatia.

Written by

Sunil Prem Vyas

Design & Direction

Sunil Prem Vyas

Exec. Producer

Mamta Bhatia


Abhishek Shrivastav


Rajesh/Yogesh Rao


Ved Prakash

: Tushar Ishwar


: Mamta Bhaitia


: Geeta Bhatia


: Sunil Prem Vyas


: Jyoti Nair

Dr. Khancharu

: Amit Shrivastava/Vinod/Zahid


: Rishi Sharma/Ruslan/Afshin

Mohan Bharti

: Chetan Patil/Jignesh


: Vijay


: Shyam/Ranjit Singh
: Yogesh Rao
: Shruti


Hum Nahin Sudhreinge is pure family entertainment aiming at some relaxation moments really essential in today’s fast, busy and tense life.

This dialogue & situational based comedy of errors, has a strong satire, which comments on the mask that everyone among us wears to cover the negative shades of our character.

The setting of the story paints the portrait of a rich class house where all these uniquely funny characters make the incidents happen. The family is rich & holds a high status in society but they hardly do anything for the society.

VedPrakash, the owner of the house, is miser. Wife Kaanta calls herself a social worker but remains only in parties. They talk about charity & up-liftment of the society but never are concerned for any. On the other hand the servant ‘Shararti’ is not capable but keeps on helping the people in need. He has certain unique qualities of very sharp brain, much sharper tounge & smartness to handle any situation. He keeps on managing money from the rich master & uses that for helping others & how he manages all this……?

Ved Prakash has a short-lived weak memory. A memory that creates confusions & misunderstandings in & around the house. For every mistake his master makes, Shararti finds a solution and in return fills his pocket.

The main track of the story when Shararti finds some super pills invented by VedPrakash’s scientist friend. Such super pills that who so ever takes them speak only truth for a whole minute- time enough to get the true personality check of a person. Now the story unfolds with the incidents happening with the different characters, which are forced to speak the unspoken & unexpected truth due to these pills - creating all the tingles & laughters.

But the proceedings don’t end here. Shararti - the person with sharp brain who is controlling almost all situations very smartly, keeps on striking with many ideas of taking benefit. He is also forced to take those pills. This is when we get to know the true nature of Shararti – all the money he collects through his smartness he donates for the orphan children. He is a sincere, reliable and smart servant we all would like to employ in our households.

The uneducated poor Servant teaches the well educated rich people ….that real richness lies in heart & not in money.
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