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"Ladi Najaria"
A political satire

SPV, Tushar, Vijay, Saurab, Bhargavi, Ankita


Written by

Abhiram Bhadkamkar

Design & Direction

Sunil Prem Vyas

Exec. Producer

Mamta Bhatia


Abhishek & Rajesh


Rajesh Hublikar



: Abhishekh Sharma


: Deepak Mirani

Kera Mausi

: Neelima


: Vishwa Mohan


: Nibha

Baba Sankidas

: Sunil PremVyas


: Amit Gupta

Supported by

Tushar, Sanket, Mamta, Bharti, Geeta, Param, Dhiraj, Ashok & Afsheen.

Brief Summary

The play is based on a short story by Shri Harishankar Parsai. Basically a political satire which revolves around an innocent villager "Namya"- symbolizing so-called low caste ' dalit ', who falls in love with the priest's wife - symbolizing high caste.

Misguided by the power thirsty political guru (Baba Sankidas), Namya sits for 'Aamaran Anshan' (hunger strike till death) for the sake of love of his life. He becomes popular and eventually becomes a saint for the villagers. But he is repents-dying with hunger. He wants to leave but is forced by Baba Sankidas to continue the strike for political interests. Later on politically created communal riots compel Panchayat & Rajaji (the village authorities) to handover priest's wife to saint Namdevji (Namya)but its too late innocent Namya dies.

The play bangs on the minds of the audience with the consequences of illiteracy & orthodox mentality of Indian common man, which leads to Politically inspired communal riots & such an unpleasant tragic end.

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