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Family Dramas

"Prem Kahani"
A love story struggling with generation gap

From Left clockwise
Tushar ishwar, Raghu, Gaurav tyagi, Sunil Vyas, Mamta Bhatia, Vinod Goswami & Jyoti Nair,


Written by

Ratnakar Matkari

Design & Direction

Sunil Prem Vyas

Exec. Producer

Mamta Bhatia


Rajesh Hublikar


Yogesh Rao



Sunil Prem Vyas


Mamta Bhaitia


Jyoti Nair


Tushar Ishwar


Gaurav Tyagi


Kiran Patil


Chetan Patil

Pita Ji

Vinod Goswami/Raj Kashmiri


Renu Nichhani

Supported by

Geeta Bhatia, Amit Shrivastava, Yogesh Rao, Chetan Patil, Rishi Sharma, Mita Sahaye, Ranjit Kiran Patil, Raj Kashmiri, Vijay, Shruti Tolia, Amit, Shruti, Renu & Amit Sharma.


The play basically is a Hindi Adoptation of Ratnakar Matkari’s “Kahani Koona Premikachhi”.

Love is eternal but the society and culture in which Indian common man lives, many times leads to tragic love stories. Sometimes due to different religions or inequality of class or old traditions, which we are forced to follow by our elders. Is there any solution?

“Prem Kahani” revolves around two young lovers from a middle class background.Lalita ( who needs a secure future) and Sharad (who is very simple and obedient son of his strict farther).

Sharad’s Parents in Village strictly follow Kundali(Janampatri)-matching tradition for any marriage. Sharad wants to get married to Lalita but she is found Mangalik. Sharad’s family is not ready to accept such a girl as they feel she would bring bad luck to the family.The simple girl from middle class family faces the cruel face of society when their intense love is declared a timepass affair after the news of them not getting married. Lalita, who is the only earning member in his family gets hurt more when even Sharad does not show the courage to stand by her & revolt against such old & worthless traditions forced by his parents. Both decide to get apart but Sharad’s outspoken friend Mukunda is not able to see their agony. He forces & convinces Sharad to revolt back using the trick by Krishna in Mahabharta. “Ashwatha,maara gaya”. Sharad , who loves Lalita a lot but was bound with the fear of his parents breaks through all the boundries & smartly changes the dates in Janampatri. A bit of lie to get the true love.

Both escape from becoming victim of the old traditions and it’s a blind following.

A bit of smartness helps their love to reach to a pleasant ending.

The play leaves the decision to the audience if the lovers did the right deed or old traditions should rule….

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