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The Artist within

2 Actors portray 22 characters in a... One Night Story

When the Artist’s Psyche pushes the actor to the edges…
Transforming him into the character so deep that…
The actor loses his identity.

Written & Directed by
Sunil Prem Vyas


Two stage actors happen to get locked inside the auditorium after their show.

Prithvi - A Young & energetic theatre actor known for his method acting skills.

Sapna - Beautiful & jovial, actress who is in love with Prithvi.

After many failed attempts to get out of the auditorium, they realize that the whole night will have to be spent inside.

Prithvi puts a proposal to enact a drama only to satisfy their inner artist. Sapna denies first but later agrees as she finds it a chance to express her feelings towards him. They do perform a zero audience show till interval but…………the method actor's psyche which appears as a Joker goes upset with the incomplete performance & starts playing with the actor’s emotions to satisfy itself.

Thereby characters portrayed by Prithvi in past - start emerging - forcing him to portray them truthfully & complete for immense satisfaction.

Sapna remains shocked & confused as to how to handle an actor who is so deep into the character that he has ...lost his identity.

The drama reaches to its peak when a maniac-villain character ‘Mahavir Singh’ appears who feels himself a predator & the girl (i.e. Sapna) as his prey...........And then………...........

In the empty theatre …
….Characters emerge…
….Beautiful actress surrounded by …
…..Negative characters……
………Portrayed by the love of her life

2 actors……Portray 22 characters…
....in a one night story.

The Artist….a subject never made before..

Movie Trailer -The Artist within

: Sunil Prem Vyas
: Mamta Bhatia
Bhishm Dharikar
: Swarup Biswas
Prithvi's Mother
: Jolly Khan
Prithvi as kid
: Raghav Verma
Supported by

: Sajjad Beig, Vivek Bhagat, Harshal, Ashok, Rohit, Dr Ashok Jain, Dr Ashish.



: Darpan Theatre & Cine Arts

Produced by

: Mamta Bhatia
Written & Directed by

: Sunil Prem Vyas


: Naren Gedia


: Archit Rastogi, Veenu Bhushan

Equipments & Post production

: Video Vision Corporation

Assistant Directors

: Ashok Jain, Harshal Gaikwad

Sound Recordist

: Rathor Dada

Camera Assistants

: Sandeep, Sailesh, Nitin, Dharmesh & Umesh

Make up

: Tauhfeeq

Spot Boys

: Vijay & Rakesh

Our Special Thanks:

Shri Ved Prakash (Video Vision Corp.)
Shri Vijay Patil (D.Y. Patil College)
Shri Praveen Patil (D.Y. Patil College)
Shri Ramroa Ghadge (Ex Police Commissioner of Navi Mumbai)

Also our sincere thanks to :

Sunita Sharma, Rajesh Kumar, Vinita Vyas Iyer, Kannan Iyer, Dr Ashish Shirodkar, Pankaj Prakash, Manju Sinha, Dr Ashok Jain, Saji Pillai, Raji Pillai, Dr Deshpande, Vivek Bhagat, Shyam Bhatia, Radha Bhatia, Geeta Bhatia, Dr Agarwal, Jagdish Mandre, Shri B.B Mandre, P.E.S. School Belapur, Zafar Zahid, D.Y Patil College Staff, Dalton,
Raju Tempo Services